Releasing The Automatician

The Automatician is definitely the largests project I have worked on to date. Development started in September 2015 and we are still working on it as I'm writing this. Throughout development the team size has varied from about 12 to 25 people. The game should go up on Steam Greenlight early 2017.

Zombie Crypt 3

Zombie Crypt 3 has been my biggest solo project to date. It's a 2d platformer where the player controls two characers rather than 1.

The Floor is lava

The floor is lava is a high-score based mobile game which I developed with 1 other student. The objective of the game is to keep collecting Gems until the time runs out. The game can be found on Google Play.

Detour drive

Detour drive is a racing game developed in Unity. I made it with a group of other students during my second year of college. There's a some footage of what the game looks like, but sadly it has never been released to the public.