Releasing Night of a Million Zombies

Night a Million Zombies is a fast paced top-down shooter. The objective of the game is to kill a many zombies as possible before eventually been killed yourself. The game contains some great voice work by Seymour who I met on Newgrounds.

The Automatician

The Automatician is a 3d exploration / puzzle game which is being developed in Unreal Engine 4. I have been working on this project with a lot of other students for the past 1,5 year. The game should be placed on Steam Greenlight sometime this year.

The Floor is lava

The floor is lava is a high-score based mobile game which I developed with 1 other student. The objective of the game is to keep collecting Gems until the time runs out. The game can be found on Google Play.

Detour drive

Detour drive is a racing game developed in Unity. I made it with a group of other students during my second year of college. There's a some footage of what the game looks like, but sadly it has never been released to the public.